Randy Smith

Focusing on Customer Experience

We know that a quality paint job is not enough, in fact, it should be the bare minimum when you choose to hire a professional painting contractor. You deserve an excellent overall experience from start to finish. What exactly does that mean? I like to use the restaurant analogy. You eat at two restaurants. The first one had very good food but you had to wait forever, the waiter was rude, the room was cold, and the ambiance was just not right. The second restaurant's food was just ok, but the the staff went above and beyond to take care of you, the food came out fast, and the atmosphere in the room was fun and exciting. Which one would you go back to? I would choose the second. This proves that the customer experience goes far beyond the actual paint job. While we are always perfecting our craft, we are also focusing on perfecting the little intangibles that make up the whole experience.

How we are elevating the customer experience:

  • Hyper communication and clarity from the second you reach out to wrapping up your project
  • Educating during the estimation process, even if we aren't the right contractor for you
  • Professional color consulting
  • On the spot estimates - no waiting weeks waiting for a "bid email"
  • Accept all forms of payment including credit card
  • Offer financing options to all clients
  • Company wide no-smoking policy
  • Background checks for all employees
  • Clean and professional uniforms, trucks, and vans
  • Clean and tidy job site at all times, and white glove clean at the end
  • Organized scheduling system - you'll know when your project is getting done
  • We move furniture for you - no need to break your back!
  • "Always do a little extra" - what we preach on every job
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Full crew on the job so you can get back to your home
  • Walk through with Owner & Project Manager to ensure 100% satisfaction