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Our Process
Our exterior painting specialists are highly trained and knowledgable in many techniques and methods, which allows us to provide the best service no matter the job. We use top-quality Sherwin Williams paints to ensure consistently great results. We are an EPA Lead Certified Firm.
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Our Proven Process: The DuraPro Difference

We are proud to present the signature process that helps us exceed Grand Rapids homeowners' expectations.
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Power Wash

Washing the surface is a vital step in any house painting project, especially exterior painting projects. Power washing removes mold, mildew, and loose dirt/debris which grinds away at the surface. Completing this step properly is ultimately what allows the paint or stain to adhere properly to the surface.

Without properly hand washing or power washing prior to painting, the lifetime of the work performed will be comprised due to premature peeling, cracking and chipping. Our team of trained house washing specialists is specifically taught and trained to handle this critical phase of your project no matter what they encounter.
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Furniture Removal & Trenching

At the beginning of each job, our crew relocating any deck/patio furniture such as chairs, flower pots, grills, and any other objects within the working area. Doing this task for you not only takes the burden of this chore off your shoulders, but also guarantee’s that these items will stay out of harm’s way of any potential damages, paint drips, or unforeseen accidents.

The next step is trenching, which consists of pulling away loose dirt and gravel from the perimeter of your home. Trenching not only ensures the surface that will be painted is clean, but also allows us to cover the entire surface down to the last inch.
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Surface Preparation

At DuraPro Painting, we pride ourselves on providing you with a superior paint job that is guaranteed to have the best lifetime and protect your home. The key to ensuring longevity is proper surface preparation, as your new paint job is only as durable as the underlying surface.

Our preparation process varies for each job depending on the type and condition of the surface. Before any paint is applied, the crew preforms all wood filling, caulking, scraping, and sanding that is necessary to ensure that the surface is in proper condition for the paint or stain to adhere.


Once all prep work is completed, the product application process for any paint job begins with primer. We use a variety of techniques and solutions depending on several variables relating to the surface type and condition. After assessing these variables, we select the best exterior primer that will suit the needs of your home.

Although the majority of Sherwin Williams paint products we use offer 2-in-1 (primer and paint) capabilities; additional primer application further ensures the longevity of the paint job by serving as an extra stick agent so the paint can bond and adhere properly to the surface.
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A fresh coat of paint certainly boosts curb appeal, but it can also increase the physical durability of your home, saving you money and the hassle of dealing with future problems. We work diligently to select the best product for your project whether it is painting, staining, or sealing. After analyzing variables including: the previous product used, the home’s physical condition, the year the home was built, and most importantly, the results you as the customer are seeking.

Uncoated surfaces are extremely susceptible to damages caused by the harsh elements, but a quality coat of paint dramatically decreases the likelihood of these harmful effects by acting as a shield to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Once the proper product is chosen, the application begins. Each home is different and requires different techniques to ensure the job is done to the highest standards. Different situations call for different methods; therefore, prior to any painting, the application method will be specified to the client. Our experience with a wide variety of application methods has allowed us to narrow down which one will give you the best results: the spray and back brush/roll system.

This system consists of initially covering the surface using a low pressure airless paint sprayer and immediately following the fresh coat by “back brushing” over it. Initially applying the paint via paint sprayer increases overall efficiency and allows us to complete your project in a timely manner and save you money.

The second step in our system, “back brushing” over the wet paint, promotes increased surface adhesion by creating a better bond between the product and surface. Overall, this 2 step process allows us to combine the advantages of both methods, finish your project in a timely manner, and ultimately leave your home with a beautiful finish that will last.
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Clean Up

Taking care of your home and providing you with the best experience is our top priority at DuraPro Painting. We pride ourselves on keeping the work area neat and tidy, both while the work is being performed and when we are not there. Before leaving each day, the crew will put away, clean, and pack up all equipment in a designated area while the production manager does a walk around of the house to ensure that nothing is left out and that your property looks neat and orderly at all times.


At DuraPro Painting we stand by our promise to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction to each client we work with. At the completion of every job, each crew member does a final inspection of all the work that was done and carefully looks for any imperfections that need to be fixed. To further show our commitment to you, before we ask for the final payment you and the production manager will walk around the home to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work. Anything you see in our work that is not done correctly will be fixed before the final payment is collected.
"Randy and his team were awesome. They were respectful and professional."
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Maureen M. - grand rapids, Michigan
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Commonly Asked Questions About Exterior Painting Projects

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Does my home need to be washed before painting?
Yes, pressure washing is the first step of our prep process for any exterior paint job. Cleaning the surface is critical to ensuring that the paint or stain will adhere properly.
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Do you help with choosing a color?
Yes, we offer free color consulting with every job. We help you narrow down your top choices and then test up to five colors on the wall for you to see. It is helpful to see them on the wall instead of looking at a small color swatch!
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How many coats of paint does my house need?
Two coats of paint is our standard for any project. This ensures your paint job will have a uniform finish, full-color coverage, and, most importantly - last a long time!
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Do you spray or brush and roll?
We utilize all three methods; however, spraying is the most used on exterior work. For example, when working with rough/porous surfaces, like brick, stucco, or cedar siding, we always back-roll after spraying to ensure proper penetration.
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How long does it take to paint a whole house?
Most of our exterior painting projects are completed within one week. The exact number of days varies depending on the project and the size of the crew.
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What if you find rotten wood while painting?
If we find rotten wood, we notify the client right away. We handle minor wood repairs, and for larger-scale repairs, we contact a trusted siding/carpentry contractor to come and fix it.
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What happens if it rains?
We do not apply any paint if it is raining or if the surface is still wet. We watch the weather radar very closely during the exterior season to ensure we never have an issue.
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Will my plants be protected?
Yes, we cover plants next to the home with lightweight drop cloths.

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