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How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Without Driving Yourself Crazy

So you've decided to paint your home and are excited for the new look, but... you quickly realize there are thousands of colors to choose from and don't know where to start. Choosing the right color for your space is important and can be a daunting task whether you are taking the project on yourself or hiring a professional. This post will give you some insight on the process we go through when helping client's choose colors.

Color Selection Process

One thing we quickly learned while helping customers choose a color was - stick to what you are good at (painting not color consulting lol). Instead of doing the color consulting ourselves, we started working with professional designers who know everything there is to know about colors and trends. Now you might be thinking.."sounds expensive" , but don't worry we've got you covered. We provide free color consulting services to every customer we work with no matter the job size. This is where the process starts. A professional designer will come out to your home for a consulting session with color decks and samples for you to look at. The designer will educate you on what colors compliment the other elements in your home (countertops, floors, lighting, etc). They take your vision and ideas and give you their recommendations to help you narrow down your top choices. Once you have your top choices down large samples get ordered for you to look at. The last step of the color selection process is actually testing paint samples on the wall. Why do we do this? We do this because paint colors can look slightly different than the color swatches depending on lots of factors such as the surface being painted, lighting, and time of day. By testing on the wall for you to see, you are able to have confidence and peace of mind in your final decision.

There's nothing quite like walking into your home to a fresh paint job and seeing your vision come to life with the perfect color. Whether you work with us, do it yourself, or work with another contractor, this is the proven process we recommend for selecting your paint colors!

Color Wheel

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